Returnable Packaging Assets Tracking and Shipment Monitoring


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Many companies ship their products in reusable packaging materials such as containers, pallets, totes, bins, ULDs or crates to the customer destination. To ensure reliability and preservation of the quality of their goods shipped, companies invest a significant amount in procuring these reusable packaging assets.
Companies often incur losses due to inability to retrieve the packaging assets. Without an optimal management process, these losses add up over time impacting the supply chain costs.

  • Losses due to unreturned, misplaced, lost or un-accounted returnable packaging assets
  • Unproductive time spent on administrative burden to retrieve and manage returnable packaging assets throughout the supply chain
  • A temporary delay in availability of these packaging assets can increase inventory holding costs and logistics demurrage costs
  • To avoid these costs due to lost or misplaced returnable packaging assets, organizations invest in excess or obsolete buffer stock
  • Lack of means to ensure quality of shipment in-transit especially for perishable or high-value items

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Solution Approach
  • Virtual set-up of location monitoring zones in the source warehouse, in-transit and destination warehouse on a web application
  • A battery-operated Kreto sensor tag attached to the pallet and a web-based enrollment portal to map information such as sales order ID, batch ID, customer destination, shipment date, pallet return date etc.
  • Sensor tag can capture and relay information such as current location zone, shock or collision, drop impacts, temperature and whether packaging has been opened
  • Configure real time alerts with scheduled emails and open deviation tickets to relevant stakeholders based on:
    • o Ageing beyond a scheduled date at specific location monitoring zones (customer warehouses, in-transit, source warehouse etc.)
    • o Contamination in-transit due to impact, collision, temperature change or unauthorized opening of packaging
    • o Assets no longer in the proximity of configured location monitoring zones
  • Live display of packaging inventory count, current location zone and usage status of returnable packaging assets on a web dashboard
  • Historical location trail with time-stamps of all assets for investigation root-cause or retrieval
  • Streamlined auditing of violations and deviations with accountability of tools to the assigned employee or contractor
  • Utilization analytics on a web dashboard with KPIs such as average run-time and idle-time
  • Integrate with ERP or CRM Packaging Module to auto-update shipment information to the enrollment portal and display all reporting frameworks on ERP interface

  • Reduction in losses of packaging assets by increasing return rates and preventing ageing, damages, theft or partial claims of insurance
  • Lowering of buffer stock count of returnable shipment packaging assets
  • Reduction in lost shipping days, logistics detention costs, working capital costs and dispatch delays due to non-availability of packaging assets
  • Ensure quality assurance of goods during transit
  • Higher utilization of returnable packaging assets by reducing idle-time of pallets at destination warehouse
  • Higher efficiency & accuracy of counting, managing and auditing the packaging asset stock
  • Higher ROI than RFID since no need to install expensive RFID readers, LAN Connections, power source hook-ups