Lone Worker Safety Monitoring and Digital Management


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Lone Worker Tracking, Safety Monitoring, Digital Management, Paper-less System, Digital Reports, Digital Remote Incident Reporting, Check-in All-Ok Alerts, SOS Alerts, Man-down Alerts, Slip Detection, Fall Detection, Restricted Area Breach


Monitoring the safety of employees who may be exposed to unique risks, due to work conditions in which they maybe isolated from people who might be able to offer aid in the event of an emergency is increasingly becoming critical for most organizations. Countries such as UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain etc. have come up with legislation for organizations to ensure and manage safety of their workers who operate in risk-prone surroundings or isolated environments while many other countries have legislation in the works. Workers can be susceptible to safety risks in multiple environments like steel plants, sand blasting operations, water treatment operations, laboratories, paint boosting, warehousing, solar panel maintenance or facility management.

  • Traditional phone-based check-in systems are network dependent which might be an issue while buddy systems require additional resources which are costly
  • Network connectivity issues may prevent a worker from communicating and calling for help through mobile or smartphone app-based systems
  • GPS doesn’t work in indoor and remote outdoor spaces, hence GPS based solutions are not suited for industrial environments
  • It might not be feasible for the organization to have alarm systems installed throughout the premises
  • QR or NFC or Barcode based systems require workers to manually scan the codes which are unproductive and often missed resulting in many false alarms

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Solution Approach
  • An industrial grade sensor tag is handed over to the worker before attached to the PPE (helmet or jacket)
  • A web application portal for the supervisor to map the sensor tag to the worker, add working schedules with task-assignments and create a location area fence for the worker
  • System configuration for emergency protocols and escalation contacts in the supervisor web application to trigger audible alarms
  • Worker’s location continuously tracked with inLocate 4.0 RTLS with 3m precision or inLocate 6.0 RTLS with 30cm precision with live visualization on supervisor’s web dashboard
  • Scheduled audible All-Ok alerts on the worker tag at periodic intervals act as proactive safety check-ins; alerts stop once the worker presses the all-ok button
  • Prompt notifications to the supervisor when a scheduled check-in is missed or overdue with the worker’s live location highlighted on the web dashboard
  • Live man-down alert notifications to the supervisor and nearest employees when no-motion or slip or fall is detected by the tag
  • Real time fence breach alert notifications to the supervisor and the worker tag when the worker enters a restricted area or crosses the assigned location area fence
  • Immediate SOS alert notifications to the supervisor and the nearest employees when the worker presses the SOS button on the tag
  • Incident reports auto-generated for all critical emergency alerts with information about the incidents and assessment by the supervisor
  • Time-keeping reports with billing hours for all workers auto-generated on supervisor’s web dashboardd
  • Reliable communication leveraging your existing Wifi or LAN networks

  • Simplified and efficient mechanism of employee well-being monitoring and safety management
  • Prevention of incidents with pro-active alerts and communication
  • Faster emergency and incident response times
  • Peace of mind for workers and management thereby increasing their productivity
  • A flexible and modular rental model for the entire system which eliminates the need for the organization to invest in costly equipment and complex software assets