Industrial Asset Tracking and Management

Our industrial asset track and trace solutions help organizations with live visibility of location, movement and status of your valuable assets like material handling equipment (forklifts, tow-tuggers, EOT Cranes, autonomous guided carts) specialty tools and equipment (dies, casts, molds, press, consumables, power tools) returnable packaging assets (containers, pallets, totes, bins, ULDs or crates), vehicles (trucks or locomotive) or shipments across the supply chain. Our analytics dashboards and web applications will deliver custom business intelligence for process optimization. Explore our applications below:

Internal Milkrun Logistics Tracking and Material Flow Management In-plant

Reduce buffer stock through digital e-Kanban sensor tags which transmit real time material replenishment requests replacing fixed milkrun schedules with on-demand milkrun schedules and dynamic routes. Decrease stockout risk with live location tracking of MHE with 30cm precision and live deviation alerts for delayed/missed deliveries, incorrect route or inaccurate shipments. Increase throughput with faster and more frequent deliveries with turn-by-turn navigation instructions to the driver on MHE mounted device and automatic POD data capture.

Forklift Fleet Tracking with Smart Navigation and Live Safety Monitoring

Right-size MHE fleet and increase utilization with real time 30cm precise location tracking and data driven insights like run-time, stop-time, idle-time and down-time. Reduce pick-drop cycle times and boost productivity by providing dynamic turn-by-turn navigation instructions to the driver on MHE mounted device by decreasing the travel distance. Prevent safety incidents with live audible warning alerts when system detects the forklift speeding, approaching a blind-spot, passing by another MHE or entering a restricted area.

Live Tracking and Digital Management of Industrial Tools and Special Equipment

Reduce productivity losses due to operator time spent on tracking tools with navigation instructions to the correct tool's live location. Decrease buffer tool stock count by increasing utilization and preventing theft with live deviation alerts for usage beyond scheduled time or maintenance date, misplacement, inaccurate usage and unauthorized access with assigned accountability and historical location trail for auditing. Easily manage the tool stock through a web-based system for creating assignment plans with a schedule and allowed location fence.

TAT Optimization and Traffic Management of Truck and Train Movement in Plant

Reduce TAT with analytical patterns of loading and unloading delays derived from stage based tracking of truck and train movement in the premises. Minimize detention costs, lost shipping days, dispatch delays and inventory pile-ups with live deviation alerts to relevant stakeholders for immediate correction if system detects a high TAT, route deviation or unnecessary halts. Prevent accidents at blind spots with warning lights and siren alarms which go off when the truck or locomotive is about to arrive or enters a restricted area.

Returnable Packaging Assets and Shipment Monitoring throughout the Supply Chain

Reduce losses due to theft and non-recovery of reusable packaging assets such as containers, pallets, ULDs, totes, bins or crates with live inventory location and count. Minimize buffer stock by increasing their utilization and lowering idle time at customer location with daily ageing reports so un-returned assets could be retrieved by reaching out to the relevant stakeholders. Ensure quality assurance of goods during transit with live location, condition monitoring and real time anomaly alerts for shock, collision, drop impact, temperature or tampering.

Live Worker Tracking and Digital Management

Our employee monitoring and digital management solutions help organizations safeguard the well-being of their staff such as security guards, warehouse and factory staff, facility management staff and lone-workers through intelligent monitoring and efficient management. With live location tracking and real time anomaly alerts on dashboards, organizations can ensure that the right employee is at the right place at the right time with automatic job reconciliation. Managers can remotely and securely communicate with their staff in case of any emergencies or incidents for faster incident response times. Organizations can efficiently manage the workforce with a completely paper-free digital system for attendance, rostering and auto-generated tamper-free activity and billing reports. Explore our applications below:

Physical Security Guard Monitoring and Digital Management

Prevent losses due to ghosting and non-compliance with a digital management system comprising of web-based rostering, biometric attendance and digitally auto-generated tamper-free billing reports with an accountability trail. Save costs by optimizing guard posts and reducing supervisory layers with live continuous indoor-outdoor guard tracking, real time violation alerts and auto-generated activity reports. Minimize emergency and incident response times with secure video-calling and live-feed streaming to head of security remotely.

Lone Worker Safety Monitoring and Digital Management

Safeguard staff working alone or in risk-prone environments with live location tracking and status monitoring on a web dashboard with live alerts if any worker enters an unauthorized area. Prevent incidents with periodic all-ok safety-check notification prompts to the workers with live alerts to the supervisor if a scheduled safety check-in is missed or overdue. Minimize emergency response times with live alerts to the supervisor and nearest employees if no-motion, slip, fall or manually triggered SOS alarm is detected by the system.

Live Inventory Tracking and Process Management

Our inventory tracking and management solutions help organizations minimize inventory accuracies, increase fulfilment throughput and boost operator productivity in their manufacturing facilities, warehouses and even retail stores which act as omni-channel distribution hubs. Real time location verification during inventory put-away and picking processes with live inaccuracy alerts ensure no time is wasted in associated costs of handling complaints, inventory losses and administrative burden. Operators receive intelligent turn-by-turn navigation routing with shortest paths which help minimize the travel distance, reduce put-away and pick cycle times and boost operator productivity. Data driven location intelligence help organizations measure and optimize operator productivity with KPIs such as distance traveled, run & stop time, idle time, number of cycles, orders fulfilled and accuracy across venues. Explore our applications below:

Warehouse Inventory Tracking with Auto Put-Away and Pick Location Verification

Minimize inventory inaccuracies and warehouse down-time with real time location verification of put-away and pick tasks and live anomaly alerts if operator has put-away at or picked inventory from the incorrect location. Reduce order-picking and put-away cycle times with dynamic navigation guidance showing the shortest paths for pick and drop of material on a screen interface. Reduce inventory losses and exercise greater control over FIFO, LIFO or FEFO practices with real time tracking of inventory picked or put-away by the operator.

Associate Wayfinding and Location Intelligence for Omni-Channel Order Fulfilment

Reduce order picking and stocking times of retail store associates with intelligent navigation guidance on a mobile device for multi-order batch picking of omni-channel orders. Minimize inventory inaccuracies with live location verification of stocking and picking tasks and real time anomaly alerts if associate has stocked at or picked products from the incorrect shelf. Optimize number of store associates and productivity with KPIs such as travel distance, run & stop time, idle time, number of trips, orders fulfilled and fulfilment accuracy.

Consumer Wayfinding, Contextual Engagement and Behavioral Analytics

Our real time location systems help consumer facing organizations deliver personalized experiences to their patrons in retail stores, airports, stadiums or convention centers. Companies can enhance consumer experience with turn-by-turn wayfinding for convenient discovery of products or locations. Companies can deliver personalized experiences to consumers with contextual promotions and location-based recommendations. Accurate, real-time data helps route employees to issues, restock items, pick orders, and provide location-based support to the most important consumers with clietelling support. Armed with data driven insights about consumer's physical location behavior, consumer facing organizations can improve purchase conversion rates and reduce lost sales in a retail store, improve passenger experience in an airport and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and space utilization. With our proprietary technology, companies can facilitate all these capabilities through their mobile app downloaded by consumers as well as their mobile websites, which helps increase their overall reach and yield. Explore our applications below:

In-Store Wayfinding, Personalized Engagement And Behavior Analytics

Increase shopper purchase intent and basket-value with in-store discovery through wayfinding, location-based prompts with product content, personalized promotions and associate assisted clientelling support. Improve purchase conversion rates and reduce lost-sales leveraging shopper's online and in-store behavior data and re-marketing intended products to shoppers across different channels. Optimize store layout and evaluate marketing campaign effectiveness with in-store shopper location behavior insights.