Physical Security Guard Monitoring and Digital Management


IT, BFSI, Warehousing and Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Airports, Retail, Office Campuses, Educational Campuses


Guard Monitoring, Digital Guard Management, Paper-less System, Digital Rostering, Digital Reports, Biometric Attendance, Live Guard Tracking, Digital Remote Incident Reporting, Live Video


The modern security workforce is heterogenous mix of programming hackers and specialists, army veteran managers and the good-ol’ security guards. Every modern facility is equipped with a dedicated operations center to centrally manage the information security, security guards, the technology infrastructure such as CCTV cameras, turnstiles or radio-sets and the information from all the technology enabled systems.
The physical security function is undergoing many innovations right from a vested model to increasing adoption of technology and digital management systems to replacing the classic static + reliever guard system to an entirely dynamic patrolling workforce doubling as a guarding unit and an on-demand quick response unit. Physical security is still fundamentally a trust-driven system which has its own advantages, but doesn’t represent an efficient system and is fraught with risks.

  • Manually undertaken guard management tasks such as rostering, attendance management and report generation through hard-bound registers and excel reports ties up the SO in unproductive activities which are susceptible to data errors, or worse, manipulation
  • Manipulated billable hours data might lead to ghosting causing losses to the organization or vulnerabilities to non-compliance of labor laws
  • Presently, billable hours are based only on check-in, check-out times but don’t take actual productivity into account
  • Lack of operational control and oversight: Head of security can never be sure if the right guard is present and vigilantly guarding at his/her allocated post at all times, especially during the night shift resulting in blind spots and rendering the organization vulnerable to safety risks
  • Emergency crises and incident management relies on verbal accounts over radio head-sets or unsecure media shared over Whatsapp which could be leaked

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Solution Approach
  • Paperless system: SOs digitally assign weekly or daily duties to every guard on a supervisor web application roster for permanent or temporarily configurable posts of any types and cost-centers
  • A biometric based system for recording daily attendance of only those guards which are assigned duties through the digital roster module on supervisor web application
  • Red-flagging of any attendance deviation containing pre-configured logic for over-time, continuous shifts, short-shifts and late-check-ins on the supervisor web application
  • A tiered approval system comprising SOs and ASM on the supervisor web application for approving each red-flag deviation which then finalizes billing hours
  • Auto-generated downloadable sub-location wise reports such as daily headcount, MDR and cost-center wise billing hours on the supervisor web application
  • An audit trail for every event generated by SOs and ASM including roster, edits, approvals for comprehensive audit
  • Military grade secure hand-held mobile devices are given to the assigned guards at the location before the duty which are returned and handed-over to the subsequent shift assigned guard. The devices are completely secure, tamper-free and closed loop with the system
  • inLocate 1.0 RTLS software pre-loaded into the mobile devices continuously track the location of guards throughout the premises (indoors and outdoors) without installing any BLE Beacons or manual scanning by guards
  • Mobile device generates live audible alerts if the guard leaves his/her assigned post rostered via the supervisor web application or is asleep while on duty or if the guard has tried to dispose or displace the device
  • Live violation alerts to the SO on the supervisor web application if a post is lying unguarded with the assigned guard details or if a mobile device is being tampered or carried out of the premises
  • SOS alert buttons on the mobile devices allow guards to alert the control room for immediate assistance with live location and automatic live video feed
  • Auto-generated downloadable activity reports for every shift along with monthly performance management reports along with regular violators flagged
  • Guards can create on-field incident reports and attach secure pictures or videos all through the mobile device which are visible on the supervisor web application for investigation
  • Through their mobile devices, guards can conduct live video-calls or securely stream the feed of the premises in case of an emergency with the Control Room or Head of Security remotely

  • Enhanced productivity of SO and ASM by up-to 50% through automation of data capturing and reporting
  • No manipulation of data eliminating risks of non-compliance and ghosting resulting in reduced losses
  • Complete transparency in guard operations and violations through real-time and continuous indoor and outdoor location monitoring along with violation reporting
  • Operational cost savings by optimizing non-critical guard posts, reducing supervisory layers and minimizing licensing fees in radio head-sets
  • Lower emergency response and investigation lead times through secure video-calls, and reliable evidence management
  • A flexible and modular rental model for the entire system which eliminates the need for the organization to invest in costly equipment and complex software assets
  • Investment pay-back within 12 months and an ROI of up to 50%