In-Store Wayfinding, Personalized Engagement and Behavior Analytics


Retail - Grocery, Food, Apparel, Specialty, Convenience, Home Furnishing, Drugs, Consumer Electronics, Airports & Railway Stations, Stadiums, Events & Conferencese


In-Store Shopper Analytics, Wayfinding, Indoor Positioning, Smart Retail, Personalization, Clientelling, Contextual Engagement, Location Based Promotions, Re-marketing


A recent study by Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs uncovered a dichotomy that consumers love self-service until they don’t. There’s high tolerance for self-service until it fails, and then there’s no tolerance. Consumers want to experience and discover without assistance at first — until they can’t and immediately want help from a qualified associate armed with tools to step in and provide a frictionless shopping experience. This is inline as per recent reports by Forrester which says 53% of all purchases are digitally influenced and Accenture which says 88% of shoppers would want to actively use mobile tools for a frictionless shopping experience.
Some of the retailers like Target, Macy’s, Walmart, Amazon Go, Nike, McDonalds, Carrefour, IKEA and Nordstrom have implemented solutions for augmenting the in-store shopper experience through digital touch-points.

  • Product discovery in-store is driven majorly by chance than by design
  • Retailers realize up to 15% in lost-sales due to customers not being able to get ahold of the products intended for purchase in-store
  • Unlike online channel, lack of means for physical retailers to reach the right customer at the right time at the right place with the right message
  • Inability of store managers to identify, locate and directly engage with the top 10% shoppers when they enter the store resulting in lost opportunity

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Solution Approach
  • Shoppers receive proximity notifications nearby the store with promotional or personalized prompts to visit the store
  • inLocate RTLS SDK is integrated with the client mobile app and mobile website. Shoppers can thus avail all functionalities even without the mobile app downloaded
  • Integrate client mobile app and website with inventory management system or endless aisle system for real time inventory and omni-channel catalog visibility
  • Store associates are notified as soon as shoppers enter the store and can deliver intimate, personalized customer experiences via one-to-one relationships to platinum category shoppers
  • Shoppers can discover and locate products in the store with real time 3D turn-by-turn navigation instructions
  • Integration of intelligent navigation feature with shopping list or wish-list of shoppers
  • Parking navigation assistance as additional value-add to shoppers
  • Shoppers receive personalized notifications as they enter the store and location based contextual promotions as they walk around in the store
  • Shoppers receive interactive product content, reviews and advertised recommendations based on their in-store behavior derived from current location, time spent and search history
  • Shoppers receive en-route location based personalized product suggestions and recommendations based on their previous online and offline history
  • Based on their online and in-store behavior, clients can re-market intended products to shoppers across different channels
  • Shoppers can ask for assisted selling by requesting a store associate to walk up to them
  • Clients can measure and analyse in-store shopper behavior data (section-wise visit count, dwell time and conversion rates, path to purchase analysis etc.) on a web dashboard to optimize store layout and product placement as well as evaluate effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • No shopper PII data collected and shopper can opt-out
  • CMS and Map Editor web application for store owners and operators to make changes to their product locations and store layout if a planogram isn’t available

  • Higher reach as client mobile app download not mandatory anymore for shoppers
  • Higher precision, accuracy and uptime than BLE Beacon based solutions
  • Improved shopper convenience, brand awareness and NPS via in-store product discovery engineered by design
  • Increased dwell time and purchase intent via personalized customer engagement
  • Sales lift in basket value via location-based and en-route product recommendations and contextual cross-selling promotions
  • Improved purchase conversation rate, up-selling rate and reduced lost-sales enabled via cross-channel re-marketing
  • Reported ROI of up to 175% and operating profit by up to 9%