Leverage existing CCTV infrastructure to monitor people density and social distancing adherence

inLog Social Distancing Adherence Vision

Gain immediate clarity of movement, density and social distancing violations among people on your premises leveraging existing CCTV cameras with our AI enabled deep-learning platform

Live Analytics

Live Analytics

Get a real time and historical centralized view of people count, queue length, distance maintained, social distancing violations count, mask deviations count and people density across every region on your premises

Real Time Violation Alerts

Deter offenders by providing real time alerts on crowd gathering, mask deviations and < 6 ft physical distancing via localized hooters or automated announcements

Real Time Violation Alerts

Continuous Sanitization Alerts

Continuous Sanizatization Alerts

Inform facility supervisors over system-generated email/SMS to sanitize areas, regions and surfaces used most by people

Intelligent Actionable Insights

Access incident report for each violation along with photographic evidence and intelligent actionable insights for workforce/people planning and management

Intelligent Actionable Insights

Powerful for big businesses. Simple for small and medium enterprises. Easy and cost-effective to deploy for everyone.

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Improved People Safety

Ensure people safety and prevent incidents on your premises with real time visibility of people count, movement and density

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Quicker Response Time

Empower responders to identify violation hotspots with real time alerts to manage the spread of COVID-19

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Smooth Business Recovery

Smoothly transition your business to the new normal with intelligent data-driven analytical insights to inform business decisions

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People Privacy Compliance

Respect privacy of people with anonymized tracking with no collection or storage of PII or location data

Relevant Industries

Our Approach

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Powerful computer vision AI

Deep learning AI algorithms analyze live video feed to anonymously detect, track and locate people on the premises

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Highly scalable architecture

Easily connect your existing CCTV cameras of any make or model to the inLog platform even with a low internet bandwidth

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Most cost-effective approach

Optimal architecture guarantees lowest total cost of ownership with minimal hidden running costs or sunk investments

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Robust enterprise level security

Robust architecture enables compliance to rigorous enterprise security protocols and quick IT approval turn-around


Simple, affordable and flexible pricing to suit every organization’s needs

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  • Zero set-up
  • Upload feed on secure server
  • Post trial violation report
  • Violation photographic evidence
  • Up to 50 GB video feed


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  • Live people, queue & density count
  • Live social distancing violation alerts
  • Violation photographic evidence
  • Hotspot heatmap for sanitization
  • Incident reports, analytics & insights

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  • An Initiative by Clean Slate to offer inLog SDA platform free of cost to 20 select organizations most affected by COVID-19
  • All Enterprise plan features

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