Equip employees with IOT wearables to enforce social distancing and enable contact tracing

inLog Social Distancing Adherence IOT

Get complete visibility to monitor people movement and social distancing adherence. Prevent shutdowns due to a possible outbreak in your facility with automated contact tracing command center

Live Analytics

Live Analytics

Get a live & historical view of people count- density, ‘cm’ accurate location, social distancing adherence and comprehensive safety risk status alerts

Real Time Violation Alerts

Deter social distancing violation offenders by providing real time alerts on wearables or Command Center and over SMS/email to area managers

Real Time Violation Alerts

Effective Contact Tracing

Effective Contact Tracing

On ID’ing a symptomatic employee, system runs contact tracing via historical employee interaction trail & notifies exposed employees & management about quarantine need

Data Driven Hotspot Disinfection

Control infection spread rate by identifying, quarantining and disinfecting emerged hotspots due to presence of symptomatic and at-risk employees

Data Driven Hotspot Disinfection

Powerful for big businesses. Simple for small and medium enterprises. Easy and cost-effective to deploy for everyone.

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Improved People Safety

Prevent outbreaks on your premises with real time visibility of people count, movement, location, and density

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Quicker Response Time

Empower responders to identify all exposed employees and areas with real time alerts to manage the spread of COVID-19

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Smooth Business Recovery

Smoothly transition your business to the new normal with intelligent data-driven analytical insights to inform business decisions

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People Privacy Compliance

Respect privacy of people with individual consent based control over collection and storage of PII or location data

Relevant Industries

Our Approach

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Robust ML enabled location tracking

Wearable tags assigned to employees accurately track their location trail, employee interactions & exposed areas with cm level accuracy in harshest of environments

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Comprehensive safety risk alert system

Nearest employees and responders are immediately notified if system detects slip, fall, no-motion or SOS button press with their live location

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Automated infection control workflows

Easily integrate with thermal scanner system to automate contact tracing and quarantining of exposed employees and areas in the facility

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Robust enterprise level security

Robust technology stack and architecture enables compliance to rigorous enterprise security protocols and quick IT approval turn-around


Simple, affordable and flexible pricing to suit every organization’s needs


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  • Wearables tags for employees
  • Live social distancing violation alerts
  • Violation photographic evidence
  • Hotspot heatmap for sanitization
  • Incident reports, analytics & insights

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