Tackle challenges of this global pandemic together with accelerated access to new technology

State Guidelines for Businesses

COVID-19 is affecting businesses and citizens around the world. Leading health experts have predicted that social distancing shall be a norm in all walks of public life for the foreseeable future. Many countries have mandated businesses to enforce compliance to strict social distancing and continuous sanitization practices on their premises failing which they risk an an outbreak. To control the spread of infection and effectively contain the outbreak, governments are investing heavily in enablers to support contact tracing activities.

inLog Platform for Social Distancing Adherence (SDA)

For years, we have cultivated extensive expertise and professional success in delivering location tracking technology enabled solutions to Fortune enterprises. Clean Slate family is committed to providing access to reliable solutions to help employees, companies, communities and governments continue to move forward. Our inLog Social Distancing Adherence platform can help organizations adapt to the new norms of social distancing adherence, continuous disinfection and sanitization of potential hotspots and effective contact tracing to a clinical degree of precision.

inLog SDA Vision

Securely enforce social distancing, data driven sanitization and people safety on your premises and common areas leveraging existing CCTV cameras with AI based computer vision software. The solution platform called. inLog SDA Vision is a low-cost solution for businesses with high people density with CCTV camera presence throughout the premises.


Business facilities with restricted CCTV access and high-risk environments can ensure safety of their employees by enforcing social distancing and preventing infection control by contact tracing all exposed employees and areas on premises with inLog SDA IOT platform. Kreto wearable tags, carried by employees records complete location trail and registers all interactions with other employees.