About Us

Clean Slate was conceptualized to help organizations boost productivity and improve operational efficiency by tracking assets, goods or people in indoor and outdoor locations.

Our multi-sensor hardware tags (Kreto), proprietary tracking software engine (inLocate 1.0, 4.0 and 6,0) and a customizable intelligence platform enable live location visibility, process monitoring, deviation alerts and data driven insights for continuous process improvement. Our robust Kreto sensor tags and reliable indoor tracking engine inLocate enables indoor tracking with precision levels up to 30cm.

Professionals in functions such as warehousing, logistics, producion, security, administration and marketing across industries have deployed Kreto and inLocate to improve throughput, compress order-to-cash cycles, boost productivity, increase efficiency, cut costs and delight customers.

Our flexible cloud-based SaaS services are designed to be cost effective for small and medium enterprises while legacy system integrable on-premise solution deployments ensure utmost security for large enterprises. We closely work with global partners such as System Integrators and Industry Consultants to co-develop solutions to help organizations by leveraging synergies. Our primary goal is to be a partner with enterprises of all sizes in their digital transformation journey.

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Partronage by Startup India, GOI in 2016

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